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Although enrollment is typically purchased by dermatologists or office managers for their staff, individuals may choose to directly enroll themselves as well. You may also enroll in the program even if you don’t currently work in dermatology. Those who have enrolled in the certification program and passed testing, but are unable to fulfill all certification requirements (see the “How It Works” page), may still earn a “Certificate of Completion” as well.

OPTION #1 – Register Individual Staff Members In Our Certification Course

This is the option which allows individual staff members to enroll so that the may earn the Certified Dermatology Tech® credential. As compared to the “Access Only” option (see #2 below), the difference is that staff members who are individually enrolled will gain access to our online training modules and will also have the opportunity to test and earn the Certified Dermatology Tech® credential. Those enrolled individually are also given the option to earn CEU. Our “How It Works” page describes the steps that your staff members need to complete in order to receive certification. You can also download our “Course Summary” which summarizes the process as well.

STAFF DISCOUNT – Practices registering 5 or more staff members in the certification program will pay only $99/each (normally $199/each). Plus, your office will receive a free one year “Access Only” subscription for everyone else to use as well! Practices purchasing enrollment for their staff can download a summary of the purchase and enrollment process here.

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, keep in mind that you have up to one year to enroll any given staff member. So if you’d like to purchase a few for “future” employees, you may certainly do so! Finally, our goal is to provide your staff with the training that you pay for. If you should purchase enrollment for a staff member who either does not participate as expected or whose employment is terminated before they’ve completed the course, we’ll be happy to transfer their enrollment to another staff member of your choice.

OPTION #2 – Purchase “Access Only” For Entire Office

If you simply wish to provide your staff with online access to our educational modules (but aren’t yet interested in having them test for certification), then this is the most cost-effective option. By purchasing an “Access Only” subscription, your office would create a single username/password which would be shared by anyone in the office who simply wishes to log on and learn from our modules. And in case you’re wondering, multiple staff members would  be allowed log on at the same time. However, as the name implies, this level provides “access only”. Those viewing the modules through an “Access Only” account would be doing so strictly for learning purposes. Neither CEU, post-testing, nor the ability to earn the Certified Dermatology Tech® credential are available at this level.

At only $249/yr for the entire office, this option quickly pays for itself by greatly reducing the time needed to train newly-hired clinical support staff! Before deciding on this option, though, you should strongly consider the current offer (see #1 above) in which your office will receive a free “Access Only” account with the purchase of 5 or more “certification” enrollments.

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