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If you initially registered in the ACDT Certification Course prior to February 12, 2018
Please continue via the original course layout here. The following changes do not apply to you.

For those registering on or after February 12, 2018

Please proceed as described below. You MUST follow these instructions should ONLY view/access the videos and quizzes from within the new format menu (link found below).

Consider this your “home page” as you take the course. You will always see this page after you log in, but if you choose the “Remember Me” option (which prevents you from having to log back in during every visit), you will not automatically see these instructions. So please consider saving this URL for future reference in case you need it:

Please carefully read the “Course Layout And Instructions” below. When ready, you should only access the course modules through the following link:




The new course layout is fairly intuitive. As you will see, all lessons will be listed on the menu in sequence:

Begin Lesson 1 by simply clicking the “The Language of Dermatology” link. Doing so will open the lesson page which contains the video module:

An important and key feature of this new course design is that you a) must complete lessons in the order, and b) may not fast-forward or “skip ahead” on the video timeline until the video has been completely watched at least once. For example, if you attempt to manually advance to a later point in the video which you haven’t already watched, you will find that the video player will automatically return you to the last viewed point in the video timeline. You will find, however, that you will be allowed to rewind/review any portions of the video which have already been watched.

Upon completion of a given video, you will notice that its respective quiz will become visible beneath the video player.

Please note that the “trigger” for the quiz opening occurs when the video’s elapsed time indicator reaches the very end of the video. In other words, be sure to let the video fully play to the very end. Then allow a few seconds and the quiz should pop up beneath the player.

Similar to starting the lesson, you’ll simply click the blue quiz link to begin the quiz. If you are unable to initially pass the quiz, you will be allowed a second attempt. Once you pass, a green “check mark” will be assigned and you may then mark the lesson as “complete”:

Successful completion of the lesson will be reflected in the menu, and you may proceed to the next lesson:

This process then repeats itself throughout the length of the course. Upon completion of the last module, you will receive instructions for course completion.

You will receive an email containing your results after each submitted quiz. However, a detailed breakdown of your scores is provided from within your account. Please watch this instructional video to learn more:


We’ve just incorporated a new “Notes” feature which enables you to take notes while watching the videos. When logged in and on a “Lesson” page, just look in the upper right-hand corner for the “TAKE NOTES” icon.

Click it to open, add a page title and begin taking notes. Just be sure to “Save” when done. Thereafter,  you can see a record of all notes taken here:

A few final notes:

  • You may pause/resume videos without having to restart the entire video. Simply log off and then log back on, return to the video lesson, and the video player should start the video at the last viewed point on the timeline. If it does not automatically do so, try to manually advance the video to where you recall leaving off. If any issues, please contact us.
  • As described in the course consent, we can provide you with the opportunity to retake a quiz which hasn’t been passed within 2 attempts. If you happen to fail a quiz twice, you will receive an error message advising you to contact us. We respectfully ask that you please pay attention while the video modules are playing. Part of the reason we’re switching to this new system is due to our experience with past enrollees who have abused our policy of allowing unlimited quiz attempts. That is, some were simply “pressing play and walking away” (i.e., not really watching the videos). They would then fail the post-quizzes, retaking them repeatedly until passed. Please just make an honest effort to watch and learn from our training videos and you should be fine!
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