Lapsed Certification Waiver

As described on our “Recertification Info” page, the Certified Dermatology Tech® (CDT) credential is valid for 2 years from the date of last certification.  Recertification every 2 years is required in order to continue use of the CDT credential. Those wishing to recertify may do so as early as 8 weeks prior but no longer than 6 months after expiration. We’ve established this window to ensure that the Certified Dermatology Tech® credential represents individuals who possess a current level of knowledge within the field.

With the growth of our membership, we’re increasingly encountering situations in which an ACDT member has allowed their certification to lapse beyond the 6 month window. Our primary concern is that allowing those with long-expired certifications the opportunity to simply “test-out” for recertification is not an ideal method of ensuring that he/she has maintained a current knowledge base and skill set. However, we recognize that many of these individuals have maintained employment in our field during their “lapse” time.

In an effort to maintain the higher standard represented by the CDT credential, we’ve created an alternative option for those affected. Those whose certification is beyond 6 months expired yet have consistently maintained employment as a dermatology tech/MA since expiration may have the following form signed by their employer:


In this waiver, the employer will confirm that the individual seeking recertification has maintained employment in dermatology since their prior certificate expiration. This option allows those with overdue/lapsed certificates to recertify without re-enrolling in the full course. To be clear – recertification enrollment will not be available to those who are past 6 months expired and no longer working in dermatology.

If you have allowed your certification to lapse beyond 6 months but would now like to recertify, please contact us with any further questions. Thank you.

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