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We’ve found that most of those enrolled in our program are registered directly by their employers.  If you are currently working in dermatology, we encourage you to discuss our program with your office manager and/or supervising physician.  Hopefully, they will see the advantages that they will receive by offering you this valuable educational resource and will consider it a benefit of employment. However, you are certainly welcome to register directly.

It’s worth noting that even those who aren’t currently working in dermatology may also register and earn a “Certificate of Completion” as well as CEUs!

Our program is priced at $199.  We are currently running a promotion in which a discount of 50% is offered to those purchasing five or more enrollments.  Although primarily aimed at encouraging offices to enroll their staff, individuals may certainly “ban together” to receive the discount.

Follow the link below to enroll.  After checkout, individuals enrolling by themselves will be redirected to our registration page and may immediately begin our program.  If you’d like to join at least four more friends to receive the 50% off discount, then we ask that one member of your group e-mail us directly at [email protected] and provide us with the names and e-mail addresses of everyone in your group.  We will then send each of you a “promo code” that can be used at checkout to receive $100 off enrollment.   Thank you!

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