New Mohs Course!

As many of you have already heard, we’re actively working on creating a new course designed specifically for those working in Mohs. It will share some similarities with our current Certified Dermatology Tech course, but “trimmed up” to exclude some of the more extensive clinical discussion, with more surgical focused lessons in their place.

The format will remain somewhat similar as well, with those completing the course required to submit a revised “skills sheet” – which for this program will be focused on the Mohs surgical setting. Upon completion of all requirements, your staff members will then receive the credential of Certified Mohs Surgical Assistant (CMSA).

Interested in providing input or suggestions for this new course? Consider taking our survey:

In the survey, you’ll not only be able to provide your valuable input, but you’ll also be able to sign up to our wait list for updates and early access!

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