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Thank you for purchasing a 4-month extension of your course enrollment.  Hopefully doing so will provide you with the time you need to complete any remaining course requirements.

Normally during the purchase process, we’re able to offer immediate access to our course.  However, if you’re purchasing this 4-month extension, it means that you already have an account and have previously selected a username and password for our site.

Instead of re-enrolling, we simply need to reset your course expiration date on our end.  Throughout the day, we receive purchase notifications from our payment processor.  Upon receiving notice of your purchase, we will make the necessary changes to your account, and will send you email confirmation of doing so immediately thereafter.  Although we ask that you allow up to one business day for this process, we will typically update your account expiration date within a few hours of purchasing this extension.  So please keep an eye out for our email.  Once updated, you may then log on with the username and password you created at the time you originally enrolled in our course.

Thanks again for purchasing the extension.  We wish you the best in completing the remaining course requirements over the coming months!

Association of Certified Dermatology Techs

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